Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus said,

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


This command by Jesus is the reason we value engaging in local and global missions endeavors by giving financially and going personally. As a congregation we support several missionaries in our home state and all over the world through pray and finances because every person matters to God. We receive a monthly missions offering on the first Sunday that goes directly to the missionaries we partner with in our global effort. We also organize short term missions trips to give our church a personal way to make an impact in various parts of the world. These trips may be primarily construction, sharing our faith, teaching/training, or any combination.  We make these trips to serve alongside these dedicated missionaries, helping them spread the gospel and advance the Kingdom of God.


Upcoming Missions Trips:


Coming Soon


Support our missionaries with your prayers and your offerings.


Chris & Julie Abiuso - Mexico


Michael & Laura Bates - Network211


Dave & Karmi Buckley - Hungary


Donald & Jacquie Cartledge - Latin Am. Caribbean


Brian & Raquel Correia - Columbia


Ana & Mircea Dascalescu - Romania


David & Rosemarie Ditrolio - Paraguay


George & Esther Flattery - Network211


Warren & Jean Flattery - LIFE Publishers


John & Brenda Flower - AGWM Mobilization


Mark & Kim Gardner - Namibia


David& Julie Goldschmidt - Scotland


Dave & Cheryl Greco - AGWM Mobilization


Charles & Rebecca Green - Netherlands


William & Diane Jackson - Spain


Gerritt & Tara Kenyon - Panama


Diane Laws - Kosrae


Ronald & Esther Marcotte - Ecuador


Carolyn Marton - Mexico


David & Celia Olson - Latin Am. Caribbean


Tim & Beth Pike - Antigua/Barbuda


Gilbert & Gladys Rodriguez - Spain


Scott & Leah Schesser - Japan


Steven & Liz Skipper - Latin Am. Caribbean


Troy & Lisa Tabor - Cambodia


Shahan & Tyra Teberian - Armenia


Edward & Christine Vergara - Global Univ.


Tephen & Sonia Wallace - Finland


Brian & Michele Adams - XA Campus Ministries - Rutgers


Michael & Denise Bartel - Intercultural Ministries


Joe & Jennifer Butler - Persons with Disabilities


Otto & Patricia Wegner - Urban Ministries